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Business etiquettes are given so much importance for the role they play in the success of a business as well as an individual. Using your business etiquette skills, you are putting your best foot forward. It involves dealings with co-workers, employers, business partners and customers etc. Knowledge of business etiquette helps you to develop strong relationships based on such behaviour. Communication skills and interpersonal skills are especially important. We also cover some basics of international protocol and cross-cultural business etiquette. There are 28 videos,  20 articles and study materials in PDF format, and 1 simplified guide for International Protocol for you to download and read. 

This is an advanced course, we suggest you take the foundation social etiquette course first: British Etiquette - Social Skills Refinement Programme. Please contact us for a special package offer of Social + Business Etiquette: 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lesson 1 First Impression

    • Business Etiquette and International Protocol

    • First Impression Is Everything

  • 2

    Lesson 2 Basic Social Skills

    • Basic Social Etiquette

  • 3

    Lesson 3 What Is Business Etiquette

    • Business Etiquette Vs Social Etiquette

  • 4

    Lesson 4 Professional Presence

    • Professional Presence

  • 5

    Lesson 5 Dress Code for Women

    • Dress Code for Women

  • 6

    Lesson 6 Dress Code for Men

    • Dress Code for Men

  • 7

    Lesson 7 Business Card, Branding, Making Introduction

    • Business Card, Branding and Making Introduction

  • 8

    Lesson 8 Etiquette for Employers and Employees

    • Etiquette for Employer and Employee

  • 9

    Lesson 9 Office and Workplace Etiquette

    • Office and Workplace Etiquette

  • 10

    Lesson 10 Netiquette and Social Media

    • Netiqette and Social Media

  • 11

    Lesson 11 Communication Skills

    • Communication Skills

  • 12

    Lesson 12 Communication Skills - Verbal 1

    • Communication Skills - Verbal 1

  • 13

    Lesson 13 Communication Skills - Verbal 2

    • Communication Skills - Verbal 2

  • 14

    Lesson 14 Public Speaking Skills 1

    • Public Speaking Skills 1

  • 15

    Lesson 15 Public Speaking Skills 2

    • Public Speaking Skills 2

  • 16

    Lesson 16 Networking Skills

    • Social and Business Networking Skills

  • 17

    Lesson 17 Business Correspondence

    • Email Etiquette and Business Correspondence

  • 18

    Lesson 18 Unwritten Rules

    • Unwritten Rules in Business

  • 19

    Lesson 19 Business Meeting and Conference

    • Business Meeting and Conference

  • 20

    Lesson 20 Welcome and Reception

    • Etiquette for Welcome and Reception

  • 21

    Lesson 21 Foster Relationships

    • How to Foster Business Relationships

  • 22

    Lesson 22 Business Dining and Entertaining

    • Business Dining and Entertaining

  • 23

    lesson 23 International Protocol and Diplomacy

    • International Protocol and Diplomacy

  • 24

    Lesson 24 Flag Protocol

    • Flag Protocol

  • 25

    Lesson 25 International Conference

    • International Conference Protocol

  • 26

    Lesson 26 Red Carpet Protocol

    • Red Carpet Etiquette

  • 27

    Lesson 27 Signing Agreement

    • Signing Agreement Protocol

  • 28

    Lesson 28 Cross-Cultural Business Etiquette

    • Cross-Cultural Business Etiquette


Senior Instructor

Emilia Ellen

Emilia has extensive experience in teaching British etiquette, image, graceful deportment and communication skills. As a professional actress and a voice-over artist she incorporates her acting skills and training into her etiquette consulting and teaching. Students benefit from her in-depth knowledge of body language and public speaking skills. She champions kindness and elegance as the fundamental principles of good manners Emilia has been teaching etiquette and protocol in the UK, as well as internationally in Asia and most recently in the Middle East. She also develops and delivers in-house training and coaching programmes for business professionals, teams and executives. Emilia is a member of the Association for Coaching (UK) and the London Association of Etiquette Consultants. She holds a Master's Professional certification in etiquette consulting.

Programme Director

Jacky Ziki

We have a team of teachers with Jacky as the programme director. Jacky has 30+ years of working experience (China, Hong Kong and the UK) and became a trainer in 1995. He went to the UK in 2000 and got his Master's degree, an MBA from Oxford Brookes University in 2001. He founded the Kensington school of Etiquette and Manners with other British teachers in 2008. Since then he has developed and presented a full range of programmes on etiquette and manners. He also gives protocol presentations to many companies and overseas governments. Jacky Ziki's Education and Qualifications: MBA of Oxford Brookes University, Certificate in Int'l Business & Diplomatic Protocol, Europrotocol School, Career College Etiquette Consultant Master Certification, Certificate of Male Grooming & Makeup, London Makeup School, Member of UK Association for Coaching, Member of London Association of Etiquette Consultants, Member of UK Guild of Beauty Therapists.

Etiquette + Communication & Soft Skills + Cross-Culture

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